Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif emphasized on Saturday that Turkish businesses should invest in Pakistan because of the two nations’ boundless potential, which should be reflected in their trade and business relations.

Speaking at a gathering of the Turkiye-Pakistan Business Council, the prime minister declared that his administration would no longer put up with any obstacles or snags that prevented foreign investors, including the Turkish brothers, from investing in Pakistan.

He promised Turkish investors that his government will go above and beyond to provide a hassle- and red-tape-free environment.

He stated that more Turkish businesses were willing to enter Pakistan during his meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The prime minister expressed remorse over the fact that the Turkish businesses that had invested in Pakistan during the previous administration had not received their just rewards. Similar circumstances applied to Turkish airlines that flew into Pakistan.

The Pakistani people, who had benefited from Turkish investment and support, could not accept such lethargy and bureaucracy, the prime minister claimed.

We are brothers and family and will not allow such snags and blockages which affect our ties, I want to send that message to everyone via you, he said, assuring them that his government would resolve all their legitimate concerns.

He declared that the “Trade and Goods Agreement” between the two friendly nations will be hastened to further advance their bilateral trade and business relations.

According to him, they signed an MOU to increase bilateral commerce volume to $5 billion over the following three years.

The commerce between Pakistan and Turkiye was hovering around 1.5 billion dollars, which was peanuts given the enormous potential, he noted. Turkiye’s yearly trade was estimated to be around $250 billion dollars.

The prime minister emphasized fully exploring the endless possibilities on both sides and emphasized that such a scenario did not reflect their excellent fraternal connections.

He advised them to put up significant effort and sincere effort to double this trade volume over the next three years because “only hard work and unceasing efforts will be keys to a beautiful success story,” he stated.

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