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Pakistan Art Forum Collectors’ Soiree 2021

BY Asif

Pakistan Art Forum will be hosting the 3rd Annual Pakistan Art Forum Collectors’ Soiree 2021 inaugurating on 25th March until 27th March.

The annual show, curated by Imtisal Zafar, founder of Pakistan Art Forum with an impressive artist line up will showcase the works of 42 Pakistani and internationally acclaimed artists.

What makes this year special is that it marks the launch of Pakistan Art Forum’s global sales website, providing incredible exposure to local artists and making it convenient for buyers from all over the world to buy Pakistani art.

“PAF Collectors’ Soiree has become a sought after annual event in the art world, where a thoughtfully curated ensemble of artists are put together every year to create stunning one-off masterpieces. Each year, we try to include highly acclaimed international artists as well into the mix with the local talent in order to bring something unique to the local market. In the past we have had hyperrealist international masters such as Omar Ortiz and Javier Arizabalo be a part of our shows. This year is no different, where we have highly popular artists from India, Mexico and Uruguay joining our impressive line-up of local artists”, remarked Imtisal Zafar.

Pakistani veteran artist Scheherezade Junejo says of the Pakistan Art Forum:

“When Pakistan Art Forum began as an online art forum, I could not envision the future of this platform as being what it has now become. This speaks to the ambition, strength and dedication of the management team, whom I congratulate unreservedly. They have brought exposure to all genres of fine art in Pakistan through media presence. Now, as they work towards expanding their reach, I wish them the best of luck with future endeavours.”

Lahore-based artist Zainab Aziz, speaking about the forum, had to say:

“Pakistan Art Forum has been quite an amazing online platform since the start, for art, artists and collectors. The teams continuous efforts and dedication has opened pathways for Pakistan Contemporary art via this platform. I hope and wish Pakistan Art Forum reaches above and beyond the realms of success and I also hope it will get a physical space soon. Good luck team Pakistan Art Forum!” Pakistan Art Forum Collector’s Soirée has always been a great exponent of the variation offered by the artists and the talent that thrives within it.

The show opens on Thursday, 25th March until Saturday, 27th March. For more information please see website details