FeaturesIn the Spotlight 22.04.2020

Not all superheroes wear capes!

BY Asif

Now a days @sweettoothpakistan is not making desserts but PPE kits- and in under 10 days starting from a single PPE suit made in the owners house, he has scaled up to a level un-parallel! A production of 20,000 pcs/day was achieved today! 

Following are their volunteers working in the mentioned hospitals and providing free kits at emergencies to guards, janitorial staff, nurses and than doctors.

Amir :03218612385 (for donations & Hospitals in Lahore).

Mayo Hospital Lahore

Dr Mohsin Ali (03314919218)

Jinnah Hospital Lahore

Dr Mustafa (03244570336)

General Hospital

Dr Rajia (03328119548)

Gulab Devi Hospital

Dr Hashim Ghouri (03027166069)

Gangaram Hospital

Dr Izza (03354552522)

Shaikh Zayed Hospital

Dr Umair (03044633760)

Punjab Institute of Cardiology

Dr Hashim Ghouri (03027166069)

Children Hospital Lahore

Dr Hashim Ghouri (03027166069)

Doctors from any field, be it gynae, Dentist or even any private hospital can now just walk in at Sweettooth MM Alam, Lahore and get the kit at cost price of Rs-189/- (old price for limited stock)

Bring your PMDC & CNC along! 

For Queries of hospitals outside Lahore, call Dr. Hashim: 0302-7166069

For queries related to Islamabad/pindi and upnorth reach out to: 

Zafar Thattal: +923219502022

For police and security officials: Ali 03085839997

An initiative he took a week back has now scaled up to an industrial scale- Allahmdulillah.

They have been providing the kits to Doctors, Ward attendents, janitorial staff and security guards

Note: prices change as fabric price has changed! (Related people will guide you on this) — at Sweet Tooth M.M Alam