Beauty EditLifestyle 31.05.2020

Natasha Salon

BY Asif

My stance on this is that I am not opening my business right now, because I will not risk my staff, myself or anyone walking through my doors getting unwell. I am trying to generate cash from online classes to pay my staff and keep my business alive, but I will not risk opening my doors because I know I cannot guarantee a 100% that someone will not get ill. So for now we are going to restructure and go online in as many ways possible. I have a little baby, she’s 4 months old, I have my mother who’s age bracket is most susceptible to this disease. As parents if something happens to my husband, or me it’s not fair to my child, we have to put our loved ones safety first and everyone else’s. For the first time a disease ties us together so it’s not like it’s each man or woman for themselves, what we all do has a direct impact on everyone else. If 80% of the population is negligent and goes out for non-essential services then the ones that sit at home also have a chance of getting it that much more.

For now, I have effectively shut down on ground operations and no one knows what shall happen in the future but we may very well halt ground operations till a vaccine comes out or reassess when the peak has passed and the people behind the science tell us it’s okay not our government and law makers. It may not be the most sensible decision business wise but it is the most sensible decision to be made when you see the bigger picture. In our line of work we cannot keep social distance, no matter how many SOP’s we follow we shall help spread the disease in our salons and also remember that the staff that comes to the salon , travelling everyday in public transport and not being able to afford sanitizing and distancing like we do , the process of them coming to work alone will increase numbers. If this means Natasha Salon shuts shop then so be it and Inshallah when we have a vaccine/ immunity to this then I would resume ground operations. “Jaan hai tu jehan hai” – nothing is more important than human life. If I save even one life because I’m being this vigilant then I would have done my part.