LifestyleMy Space 28.04.2020

Maira Pagganwala, Her lounge in her Karachi home.

BY Asif

Maira and Qassim found themselves playing host ever so often and thus felt the need to create a large, open entertaining space in their beautiful Karachi home. Maira’s unique and quirky sense of style is evident in this beautiful space. Having sourced unique accent furniture from many different interior designers, the pieces all come together to give the room a vibrant, modern feel.

“I always knew I wanted checkered flooring so yes, that was my idea! The interior has been done over time, and the pieces have been collected from many designers, our travels, and been given to us by our parents, so it’s hard to credit one person or designer for it!”

Pink sofa by Dimensions paired with a White Table from Index

“I bought this shoe from an Alexander McQueen exhibition and the book – How To Cure A Hangover – is one of my greatest finds from a book exhibition here at Frere Hall!”

Funky bar stools from Dimensions

The Versace lamp was a housewarming present from my mother-in-law!

“This table was originally a wall piece! I got Talent and Taste to convert it into a table for me!”

Bought from a Flea Market in Islamabad

Maira designed these embellished cushions herself!