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Love in The Time of Corona!

BY Asif

Love is in the air this spring, even with coronavirus and the lockdown in place, going to show that love truly has no bounds. 

Fatima Imam, who was all set to get married at the end of March but couldn’t due to the virus, shares a little something about how her wedding plans completely changed and how her husband and her found their happiness even in these challenging times. The couple had a small, yet memorable and intimate wedding ceremony they will remember for all times to come. So don’t lose hope, ladies! If your wedding has been postponed, or you’re planning your wedding for the upcoming months when venues are closed and vendors are backing out, know that there is always a way to work things out even when things may seem impossible.

“From planning every tiny little detail of your wedding to being unable to even get a hold of someone to do your eyebrows, my wedding plans were wrecked by Coronavirus in a way that made me realize the Administrator was someone other than me.
We were supposed to get married on the 29th of March in the presence of friends and family but were destined to actually tie the knot on the 4th of April, from the premises of my home, without my siblings or friends, but with lots of blessings.

I was always an advocate of not wasting food at weddings and not spending extravagantly, but didn’t know I would have to practice what I preach in the most unusual way! So as the lockdown was implemented across the province, my room was only halfway through the renovation, my furniture was still at the showroom, dress at the boutique, and my siblings stuck in different countries. It took us a while to comprehend it, but once we did we knew we wanted to go on with the wedding. It was time for Plan B.
I did my own makeup, wore a dress I got made for jahez and my mom’s jewellery, photography was done by family members, and the event was done at home with a handful of close family members. My husband got hold of a phool wala and his old room was cleaned for me, my bathroom didn’t even have a mirror installed till then.

Little did we know, it would end up being the most beautiful little wedding, perfected with tradition and intimate Rasmain, that would give us exciting stories to tell our grandchildren!

Fatima Imam