Health & FitnessLifestyle 25.03.2020

In times of Corona

BY Asif

With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak we asked around how it has affected peoples lives, daily routine, travelling and what measures everyone is taking!

Kiran Malik
“Well it has affected us in a really dramatic way. I’m less mobile, spending more time at home, can’t go to office or travel for my shoots but then it’s also given me a chance to catch-up on a lot of paper work, admin, updating documents/cvs /portfolios, household stuff which was pending and most of all making time for my daughter.”

“First thing is to stay calm. I’m not trying to loose it. There is a lot of news one hears and it’s a very dynamic situation changing every hour. So the best thing is to follow the advise of World health Organization and just try to be as clean as possible. Wash your hands, try to wear gloves if stepping out, use hand sanitizer, keep wipes with you when going to work, try to avoid eating from outside and most importantly try avoiding crowds.”

Amna Hassan Tahir
“We have cancelled all our travel plans so no spring break for us.”
“We make sure we sanitize the whole house twice a day and wash our hands regularly!”

Bilal Ashraf
“I have been travelling like mad, so not really thinking about this. Going to board a flight right now!”

Khadija Shafqat
“As the owner of Deja Patisserie I have to be extra careful! I make sure we clean the door handles every thirty minutes using antibacterial food surface spray and we use paper towels so we can throw it away then. I make sure the salt & pepper shakers and flower jars are changed after every use. We clean the tabletop and edges after every service and wipe the metal chairs every time they are used to. These are tough times but we gotta do what we gotta do.”

Mariam Mujahid
“Covid-19 did affect our daily routine both at home and work. We wash our hands after every 30 minutes for at least 20 seconds. And get groceries and medicine delivered to us. Wearing masks when and if we go out. Not shaking hands or greeting people physically. We have cancelled our personal traveling plans to Maldives and Africa. We are doing this not just to protect ourselves but others around us. Because we are all in this together.”

Dr Madiha Rao
March and April used to be the months for learning and travelling. I believe travelling is education in itself. Meeting my mentors teachers and friends from all over the world sure is the most beautiful part of my profession. Conferences and meetings are being cancelled throughout the world. One of the biggest events American Academy of Dermatology got postponed. Another finest event AMWC in Monaco got postponed. Im doing my best to learn at home educating my clients how to take care during this pandemic is what that I am doing right now. Plus trying to help all those who need me medically.