FeaturesLists 20.04.2020

How to keep kids busy during this pandemic!

BY Asif

All parents love their children and ever willing to go to any extent in shielding them against every odd in their lives. Being the mom of two young daughters, I can gauge the problem of every mother during these days. Instead of getting lost and yielding to it, I made up my mind not to while away the time and afford all that to my children which I couldn’t in the past. I feel delighted to share my experience and views in the form of videos and write up as follows for all parents to get start.


Stay home, stay safe and reconstruct yourself as “Sometimes you lose your way but you find yourself”.
The Corona virus nowadays has disrupted the pace of life of every human being; young or old worldwide simultaneously. The onslaught of such a fearful state has restricted everybody to his den as a preemptive caution of avoiding to be infected by this pandemic and thus the life has stilled. To deal with the children of all age group has become cumbersome for the parents. However in a way, they have got leased sufficient time from their busy routine to share the life going of their children. To escape the development of any irritative and repulsive attitude during this testing time; and irrefutably, engaging themselves objectively with them, we have designed following activities which can be undertaken easily by all parents:

  1. Create a routine:
    Kids are used to following a schedule, so making a routine for the day will help everything fall into place. Includes wake up/bed times, meal time, art time, screen time and chore/task time.
  2. Play board games:
    Teach your kids games you played as a kid like ludo, monopoly and scrabble or solve puzzles.
  3. Bake together:
    Bake together with the children, let the children choose recipes and get them involved in the whole process. Measurement of ingredients can help them learn about math and fractions.
  4. Art and Craft time:
    Painting, drawing or colouring can be the option, if you buy the right art supplies. They can also create different craft models with the help of material available at home. These activities will help children and parents work together for fun.
  5. Share memories:
    It is a bit old fashioned but making photo albums or looking at photo albums or recalling vivid memories, joyous events, comical stories, or memories is important. Kids love seeing pictures of their parents as children so use this time to go through photographs and share stories about yourself or other family members.
  6. Video chat with your loved ones:
    It’s safer than meeting in person and will help the time go by faster.
  7. Stay Active:
    Let your kids play in a backyard or go for a short walk each afternoon. You can also workout together at home.
  8. Reading Time:
    Indulge them in reading books outside their curriculum. It can get your kid to develop a reading habit in a natural way. Furthermore, reading books can enrich their vocabulary, build language skills, and flourish their creativity.
  9. Pray:
    Praying together as a family will strengthen your faith and help you through this difficult time. This time can be utilized to learn new Duas and Allah’s names with meanings.

The children are our future. A hale and hearty child nurtured in a sound atmosphere free from all physical and psychological impairments and distress can be a real surety of our brilliant future so, wait not and let every moment of quarantined span be consumed into the activities that not only occupy you but to those who really matter to you and our beloved PAKISTAN.