Health & FitnessLifestyle 10.06.2020

How I Got Corona – Symptoms & Treatment

BY Asif

I am a medical resident working in a Civil Hospital, so I am assuming I contracted the virus from there, even though I don’t remember any suspected patient’s contact with me but, God knows.
On the 3rd of May 2020, I started having symptoms. These symptoms included a fever of about 100-101 F, sore-throat, dry cough, body aches especially below the knees, a severe headache as well as a mild flu. Unfortunately my younger brother also had some symptoms, however he only had a fever, headache and body ache.

Initially I had a lot of resistance from people around me telling me not to get tested for Covid-19, however I went for it and got my result which turned out to be positive on the 5th of May 2020. As a result of this, my family also needed to be screened as we were sharing rooms, utensils, and toilets too. 
My senior at the hospital prescribed me Antibiotics, Paracetamol, a lot of Vitamin C and told me to steam every four hours, and gargle regularly with warm water. The senior also advised me to completely isolate myself at home and make sure I don’t exit my room or let anyone else come in.

All the while, my sister started having symptoms just like me and as the results came, she tested positive too. However the rest of our house turned out to be negative Alhamdulillah. So my sister was also isolated at home and started with antibiotics and supplements. In the next two to three days we developed loose stools and lost smell and taste sensations completely with dizziness brought about by the weakness. We were doing home isolation, using disposable utensils, doing all our own cleaning. For cleaning I made a solution of 3/4 water and 1/4 liquid bleach and would clean the toilet with that for disinfection everytime someone used it.

When no one else was around, I would go out in the open air and take a few deep breathes because it felt good and I was missing out on the outdoors. During my time in isolation, I wanted to do something productive and hence worked on crocheting. After five to six days my symptoms started fading away but I still had a loss of smell, taste and mild cough. After all that on the 17th of May, we got tested again (you need to be tested again after 14 days from the initial sample). We needed two consecutive negative results to declare recovery.

As a result of this, I would like to suggest everyone to stay home, keep distance of at least 2 feet from each other, wash your hands frequently, avoid touching face, eyes, nose, mouth. It is very boring to lose your taste sensation, take care of yourself!
– Suman Bhatti