FeaturesLists 21.05.2020

How do we inspire our kids to love Ramadan

BY Asif

Ramadan is the blessed month of Allah. It is the month in which the holy book of Allah, the Quran, was revealed to our Holy Prophet Mohammad SAW for guidance of whole mankind. Fasting during this month has been made mandatory for all Muslims except those who are sick, travelers or have any other valid reason as prescribed in Islam. Fasting not only helps to burn the extra calories gathered during the year but it purifies our heart and soul also through ordinary acts of worships. The bounties and rewards on compliance of even a petty act in submission to Allah during this month are greater than other months.

The children below the age of adolescence are exempted from fasting. However, children can be engaged easily in following practices to engrave in them the importance of this Holy month.

  1. Welcome Ramadan by decorating your homes with “Ramadan Kareem” banners and lights.
  2. Make 30 days prayer or good deeds calendar.
  3. Train them in helping others to fast and to make elders break their fast at the time of Iftar.
  4. Let them fast even a quarter of a day. Prepare a special Iftar for them when they breakfast with a couple of their favorite foods or give money as reward for fasting.
  5. Ramadan crafts to keep them learning and entertained.
  6. Practice as well as teach kids certain deeds with great reward like to give alms, feed a fasting person, recite the Quran and worship during the great night “the Laila tul Qadr.

May Allah SWT bless our children with patience and perseverance this Ramadan and grant them strong Iman and knowledge that can lead them through this life and the hereafter successfully Ameen!