Beauty EditLifestyle 31.05.2020

Ethereal Salon

BY Asif

In light of the current situation, at Ethereal Salon, our top priority remains the health and safety of our customers and staff. Clients will only be permitted to enter the salon premises with face masks and hand gloves (worn prior to the appointment).

At Ethereal we have strengthened our hygiene protocols for our clients safety. The salon staff make sure to wash their hands, use masks, caps, gloves, face shields and protective gear while ensuring proper sanitation. Staff rooms are cleaned and sanitised thoroughly throughout the day. Social distancing is practiced round the clock by only accepting pre-booked appointments. Our staff is the most well-trained and exposed enough to guide the clients with safety protocols and make sure all SOPs are followed. We will continue to update our protocols according to government’s advice.

Coping up with Covid 19:

  1. With reports of the number of coronavirus cases rising in Pakistan, so are fears for workers in the beauty industry. Of course, there are health concerns—hairstylists and nail techs can’t exactly practice social distancing at work, given the intimate nature of our work. However, we are going an extra mile to maintain social distancing.
  2. There is uncertainty along with financial strain for paid leave, rent and utility bills. Leaving our stylists who rely on tips in a unstable situation.
  3. Fear of customer retention.
  4. However, before the lockdown was ordered we were one of the first salons in Pakistan to announce extra hygiene and safety measures in our salon. We implemented strict cleaning precautions (including sanitizing door knobs to floors every 30minutes). Further, we requested clients to come alone (leaving children at home) and inquired about their health and travel history during the appointment confirmation call.
  5. During this tough time, we are trying to stay in touch with our clients through social media platforms. We have started giving home remedies for skin, hair and nails; including some positive instagram stories to overshadow these gloomy days.