Health & FitnessLifestyle 06.05.2020

Effective Home Remedies for Dry Skin!

BY Asif

Have dry skin and need some ways to moisturize it while you’re in quarantine mode? Follow along as we share some natural remedies with you to soothe and hydrate your dry skin, making you feel a hundred times fresher. All you need? Some simple ingredients and to stay home!

Whip up an Olive Oil cleanser to soothe Dry Skin

A great natural oil to use is olive oil, which works as a natural cleanser and moisturizer. You just need to rub the oil into your skin and drape a warm, damp cloth over your face until it cools, then wipe away any excess oil. Olive oil acts as a great cleanser as it won’t strip your skin’s natural oils, but it will clean your skin.

Make a Rich, Creamy Avocado Mask At Home

Creating a homemade mask of avocado is another natural way to soothe dry skin. Puree half an avocado and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil; you can also add a tablespoon (tbsp) of honey for very dry skin. Apply the mask to your face, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash it off. Your skin will be left feeling moisturized.

Make a Natural Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub

Create a naturally moisturizing exfoliating scrub using a combination of olive oil and sugar. Combine ½ cup of sugar with 2 tbsp of olive oil. You can even add an essential oil like lavender, to add a natural fragrance and promote relaxation. Gently rub the scrub into your skin, and then wash it off. Then, use a soothing moisturizer to lock in the benefits of freshly exfoliated skin.

Create an Oatmeal Soak to calm your skin

Adding a cup of oatmeal to a warm bath can naturally rehydrate dry skin. The oat product itself is soothing, and it helps your skin retain moisture from the bath water.

Exfoliate your face with a Homemade Oatmeal Honey Mask

Oatmeal also makes for a great exfoliator or mask. Mix 2 tbsp of oats with a tablespoon of honey and a dash of water. Rub the mixture onto your skin. You can use it just to exfoliate and wash it off right away, or leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes as a soothing, hydrating mask.