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Dulux paints promise to deliver perfect colour with new Assurance program.

BY paperazzi

Dulux is a globally known paint brand that has been available in many international markets since 1931. Recently Dulux has launched its Assurance program in the Pakistani market with a goal to boost confidence and satisfaction of consumers who are looking to paint their homes. Their quality paints have carried their legacy over the years by giving its customers the perfect colour, finish, and coverage, but due to any reason if these are not satisfactory, the customers can opt for a free replacement through the Dulux Assurance program. All they have to do is reach out, raise a query and the brand will replace the paint within 7 working days. Dulux ka Waada, Pakka Waada!

When we renovate our house we look for the best appliances, interior designs, decorations, along with all these things painting the walls is the most important thing when it comes to re-designing the house. All homes have flaws and imperfections. Walls often have dents and marks that appear over a period of time. Having your home’s interior painted removes those imperfections and can give your home a refreshed and clean look.

People often stress about painting results not being up to their expectations as they settle for a cheaper brand, however Dulux lives up to the legacy it has built over the years and promises you premium quality colour, same as shown in their booklet with absolutely no colour variation.

Dulux is known to have the best standards as their paints are not only made using the finest materials but are crafted with love to give their customers an outstanding outcome. They stay true to their word of offering the best colour, uniform finish and coverage with Dulux Assurance, a promises to give their customers the results they want. Dulux Ka Waada … Pakka Waada.

For the convenience of their customers, they have multiple channels to connect with them: