Boss LadyFeatures 28.04.2020

Dream Big!

BY Asif

A successful model, an entrepreneur and an International law student, budding actress and singer with a passion for yoga and meditation. This woman has goals that are limitless and her profession is a war filled with many battles that have been won and many more to win.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am a model turned business woman by profession. My passion is yoga and meditation. I take inspiration from my surroundings and strive to create a harmony between self and the world around me.

Did you stumble upon your career or was it something that you always wanted?

Yes, it was something that was in the books for me as a career option. My experience as a model led me to see a gap in the industry which has turned more consumerist, except for a few rather than providing your customer with an experience. Halina Khan Couture is all about recreating the look that you have in mind which is both flattering yet glamorous at the same time.

Did you ever consider or experience a career change?

I have always been one to multi- task. I started my first business at the age of 17, modelled and now my professional journey has brought me here. I’m a believer of growth and learning, and that is a journey that has no end.

Did you ever feel discouraged mid way your routine? How did you push through it?

Work and its day to day challenges have never discouraged me. When I get tired of my daily routine I tend to take breaks which are necessary for any human being so as not to exhaust themselves. I believe in recharging yourself from time to time.

What are the top three things that you cherish the most in your life?
Travelling. Helping others. The time I spend during yoga and meditation.

What is the #1 thing yet to be ticked off your bucket list?
My list is so vast that I myself can’t pick one.

What does nobody tell you about being the boss?
You are going to battles every day and the war is not even close to being over. Secondly, the responsibility that you feel when others livelihoods are also dependent on the decisions you make in life.

Name one boss lady that inspired you take your own path, and how did she inspire you?
Women all over the world inspire me to be better and do better. I can’t limit myself to just one inspiration.

Describe a typical day in Halina’s life?

My day starts with yoga and meditation. A simple home cooked breakfast and then I’m off to a day filled with designs, clients and solving many business puzzles. I make sure to spend some quality time with my family and offer my prayers as it keeps me grounded and connected with what matters most in life.

Complete this sentence, ‘To me a #BossLady is…’

To me a #BossLady is self confident and a fighter. You can never be one without the other.

A lesson your biggest failure might have taught you?

To never give up on your dreams, their is a silver lining to even the greatest tragedies in your life.

I would like to quote the Japanese proverb here, Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

Which world leader would you most like to have dinner with?

I’m a strict apolitical. Now had this question been about a spiritual leader or an actor, my answer would be ready. I admire people who think for the good of the masses.

What advice would you give to young girls who look up to you and have goals and dreams like you?

I personally believe that every human being has their own individual qualities. Love yourself, respect yourself and make yourself a priority. Never give up on your dreams, believe that you are the best and you can make it.