Food EditNEWS & ENTERTAINMENT 06.01.2022

Comfort food for the win!

BY paperazzi

With the rainy and cold weather upon us it’s understandable that most of us just want to stay in bed watching our favourite show and eating our favourite comfort food to make us feel better. It’s always a good idea to rejuvenate yourself even if it means just taking a break from life , pressing pause and eating your fav snack.

Rinas Kitchenete: The super cheesy mozzarella sticks are the perfect ,warm snack with fresh home made mozzarella which makes them pull so great.

Awesamosas: What’s the perfect snack when it rains? Of course it’s samosas. Snd what’s even better? When you have the options to choose from different fillings such as cheese, nutella or even lotus!

Chit Chaat: The famous dish for all lahori lovers is of course Nihari. With fresh Nan or tandoori roti right outta the oven and some  tender meat , this dish will really get your taste buds going.

Cafe De Como: Stay cozy with this scrumptious hot chocolate from our favourite spot. Just look at this beauty. A sip of this sweet and creamy drink is enough to fill our tummies.

The kitchen Lahore: If you haven’t tried their warm lotus skillet then you are really kissing out! It’s the perfect combination of a warm lotus cookies with home made  ice cream that balances the taste and will leave you craving more.

Eggspectation: Fluffy pancakes all day everyday! We can eat them for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! And eggspectation has the best ones with fresh blueberries on top.