NEWS & ENTERTAINMENTPaparazzi Eats 25.03.2020

Caffe Praha

BY Asif

An abundance of new restaurants and cafes have opened up in Karachi, so much so we don’t know where to go first. First on our list was Caffe Praha, a cozy café with a lovely ambiance resembling a coffee shop in Eastern Europe. Caffe Praha started off with serving freshly baked chimney cakes (Trdelnik) which are hollow cylinder shaped pastries filled with an assortment of rich and aromatic flavors just as served on the streets of Prague however they have since expanded their menu which we tried out.

“Making coffee is a full process from roasting the beans to experience the finest taste of coffee. We love to take the time to make a great coffee. Cheers to the intense, aromatic, fragrant, flavorful super food that is coffee.”

“Relax and unwind with Praha, slurp on your drink and let our ambiance make your day.” – Hashair Ahmedani (Owner).

On The Menu: Salmon Avocado | Shakshuka | Pan Seared Red Snapper | Smoked Salmon on Toast | Fluffy Pancakes | Live Roasted Coffee

Super Cool Interiors

Love The Artwork!

Seat Yourself!

The Planters Add That Extra Oomph