Boss LadyFeatures 07.04.2020

Breaking The Silence!

BY Asif

An actor as well as a director, Angeline Malik is many things. She won the Lux Style Awards in 2006 for Best Director and gained a nomination for Best Actress. She is also famous for the first coming-of-age talk show Black and White on Indus Vision and is currently working on her campaign Inkar Karo to raise her voice against child abuse for which she has recently released a short film. We applaud Malik for her determination for this cause and hope she can continue to carry on the work she is doing to bring about awareness in our society.

Did you stumble upon your career or was it something that you always wanted?
I always wanted to be an artist, i always wanted to create and share my art. Hence I explored different art forms from sculpture to dance to animation and eventually got into the art of Story telling.

What was your “aha!” moment?
Everyday we discover something New, We get amazed, we get surprised, we have new realizations. Hence I would say my life is full of “aha” moments.

Did you ever consider or experience a career change?
Yes I started off as a sculptor, ventured into animation, started acting, then a talk show host and then now a director and a producer. Aren’t they all different experiences and I am open to exploring more.

When was a time you felt completely discouraged and how did you push through it?
Like everyone I have had major setbacks but that has never stopped me. Recovery is a big issue in this industry and I have come down to zero many times but strange enough some new door or some guardian angel comes my way. My belief that God is looking over me has always made me feel positive and I have always come through.

What was the best advice that your mentor gave you?
My mentor was my dad and he always told me if I do my best and give it all I have i will never fail and that has always worked for me. Whatever i take on becomes a passion and feeling passionate about what you chose to do is the key to success.

What are the top 3 things you cherish in your life?
My upbringing, the love and support my parents always gave me, my close family bonding, my dogs and all that God has given me. I think I am very blessed.

What is #1 thing that is yet to be ticked off your bucket list?
A knapsack, solid pair of shoes and me wandering around the world.

What does nobody tell you about being the boss?
Being the boss is always not fun. At times you are the last one to know that somethings gone wrong.

Name on boss lady that you admire and how she still inspires you?
Benazir, at the age of 35 to become a prime minister in a country where men rule.. That is admirable.

Describe a day in your life
If I am.not shooting I like staying at home, spending time with my three dogs. Writing is something I recently discovered whether it’s good by any standards that does not matter but it gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Complete this sentence: To me, a #BossLady is…”
A force to reckon with

What did you learn from your biggest failure?
To try again.

Which world leader would you most like to have dinner with?
Trump. I find him very amusing.

What advice would you give to young girls out there who have dreams and goals like yours?
Exactly what my dad told me Go for it and give it all you’ve got.