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Borèk Recipe

BY Asif


Puff Pastry:

Ghee 400 gms  | Water200 ml | Egg | Oil 4 tbs 

Salt 1 tsp | Sugar Powder2 tbs | All-purpose flour  0.5kg 


In a wok, add ghee, let it melt and bring it to room temperature.

In a bowl, add chilled water with ice cubes, melted ghee, leave it until ghee becomes solid and refrigerate for approx 6 hours.

 In a jug, add water, egg, oil, salt, sugar and whisk well.

In a bowl, add all-purpose flour and make a well, gradually add egg water mixture and knead until smooth & soft dough is formed. Use water if required, cover and let it rest for 20 minutes.

Take out solid ghee from water and squeeze out excess water completely.

Take square pan, place butter paper and set a block in a square pan.

Place butter paper on top and with the help of kitchen hammer flattens ghee and freeze ghee block for 20 minutes.

Take prepared dough, sprinkle generous amount of flour and roll out dough in round shape with the help of rolling pin.

In the center of the dough, place solid ghee block, wrap four sides, dust dry flour and roll out in rectangular shape with the help of rolling pin, fold one third into the middle and then the other third on top, fold and overlap the remaining sides, cover and freeze it for 20 minutes.

Take out from freezer, dust dry flour and roll out in rectangular shape with rolling pin.

Repeat the same over lapping folding process cover and freeze it for another 20 minutes.

Again take out from freezer, dust dry flour and roll out in rectangular shape with rolling pin.

Puff pastry is ready and use as required.

Or another easy way is to get it from tehzeb bakers.



Adams milk foods mozerrella n cheddar cheese (you can use other if you want also)

250 grams Chicken pieces cut into small cubes.

Ginger garlic paste

Rossmoor mustard paste 

Shan gril a pakistan bar b q sauce

Falak foods peri peri powder



Shangrilla foods soya n chilli sauce.


Mixed well all the ingredients and marinate whole night. Don’t forget to prick the chicken pieces with fork, so that it’s well marinated

Take a nonstick pan and add the batter and cook on medium heat with no oil. 

 Cut the puff pastry into small rectangular shapes add the chicken batter and cheese

 Keep one rectangular on the top , press the sides with fork and prick the top with fork on several places.

Brush it with egg wash 

Bake for 30 mins at 250 degrees. And tadaaaaa it’s ready.