About MeFeatures 25.03.2020

Behind the Actress

BY Asif

Zoya Nasir is an established Makeup artist who has taken a turn towards acting and her first debut was with the famous drama “Hania”.

Tell us about yourself. How did you become an actress from a beautician.

Both have been my passion, but my dad never encouraged me into perusing acting so my love for beauty and art became my career. As soon as I had his blessings, I signed my first drama.

What made him change his decision 

He himself is from the industry, back in the days, children were rarely encouraged to make careers out of it, especially daughters. But ever-since he’s started working on the legend of maula jatt, he was greatly impressed by the youngsters involved and how well learned, passionate and educated they all are, producer, director, actors etc.  and that made him change his perspective and the decision.

How was your experience in hania, acting for the first time.

It was nerve wrecking but at the same time it felt like I belong here. It’s super hectic but i love acting.  

Now youre playing narmeen in a play called deewangi, which will play soo. Hows that different from your previous character?

Hania was a middle class simple girl, who always put everyone else before herself. Narmeen on the other hand is an entitled elite, used to having her own ways. It was fun playing. The margin for acting I had while playing this character was lets just say … ecstatic 

Did your father help you out in landing your project.

He didnt even know about it until I was half way done shooting. My uncle and aunty take the credit for introducing me to sonya ji and salman, who saw my potential and put their faith in me 

Any advice for new or aspiring actors 

Do NOT read the YouTube comments. It’ll be your undoing. Thick skin people.