LifestyleMy Space 28.04.2020

Attiya Noon Rashid, GOR, Lahore

BY Asif

Founder and Creative Director of Home Couture and mother of three, Attiya Noon Rashid’s drawing room is a true representation of her personal style! Inspired by divine beauty and symbols, Attiya’s beautiful home radiates positive energy and defines ultimate luxury.

“My advice to those buying art and pieces is to go for something that touches your soul because that will become a source of positivity and good vibrations. Follow your instincts – not trends!”

“I wanted people to feel like they can curl their feet up while sharing a coffee with me- that’s what makes it inherently my comfort space!”

“My inspiration is divine beauty and symbols and the reflections we see of it in nature itself and their discription in poetry, books, scripture and mystical literature. ”

Bought this from Pearl River Mart in NYC!

This was originally an umbrella stand by mother-in-law had gotten from Hong Kong!

Bought from Percy Bass on Walton Street, London

A Home Couture piece, haindpainted by the talented Annie Khakwani

A Home Couture Statement Chair. I picked up the fabric from a warehouse in Surrey, England!

Horse Sculpture by Kasim Noon!

Picasso Cushions from Peter Jones, London