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A Corona Wedding!

BY Asif

Our Mehndi night was the night talks of a lockdown were looming in the air. I had to announce in my wedding WhatsApp group chat “If anyone brings up Corona with me tonight, I will kill them!” My DJ had to abandon us right before the Dulha Wala’s came because the police had ceased his equipment elsewhere. We still managed to pull through our Mehndi, thankfully.

The next morning was the day of our Nikkah and Rukhsati. I woke up and called my mother. She said it seems we probably won’t have our venue but “Abu is working on it”. With my sisters surrounding me, I called my husband and burst into tears. Yet he said, “Don’t worry, we will get married today no matter what”.

The event manager, ZM events, video called me to show me that everything was being set up at the venue, but she needed some more time. She didn’t know then that they would soon tell her to take the entire setup down within the hour.

It was that day I saw how much my family and I are loved. Suddenly, everyone rallied forth, offering their houses for the ceremony, and calling to ask if there was anything we needed. My father gave me three options to choose for the venue: my Nani’s house, our house, or a cousin’s house. I said, “What do you want?” He said, “I would prefer you to leave from home”. I decided, “Then that is what it will be.”

My Aunt who was doing my makeup called to say “Just send her to me”. I asked my sister Zarah, to handle the decor with ZM. Then I looked for my sister Sherbano to ask, “Are you coming with me?”, she said “Do you want me to?”… “Yes”.

I spent my time getting dressed, with giggles, therapeutic music, and love with my aunt. She dressed me exactly as I had envisaged for myself.

When I got home, I found the house to be buzzing with excitement and the decor in place. I got off the car and went straight to hug Zoya from ZM events, who had completely transformed my house. My normally easily panicked parents were calm, serene, and exactly the strength I knew they were capable of.

I got married in my childhood home, amidst people I truly adored, with my dogs present, at the golden hour. I was Rukhsatied from my own door, with my beloved driver, who practically raised me, holding the Quran over my head. It was all exactly as I wanted it. It was all I was fighting for before the “Loag kya kahein ge” trumped discussions. Somehow, the lockdown became my blessing.

My husband and I are incredibly lucky. We got married right at the cusp of the Corona lockdown, yet were able to pull it off; in exactly the manner we wanted to.

Azal Zahir

Photo Credits: Aiza Naeem

Décor Credits: ZM Events