FashionTrends 22.12.2021

5 winter trends to follow this holiday season!

BY paperazzi

Fashion is constantly evolving and thanks to the pandemic, this has given every individual a chance to express themselves  through their outfits . Lounge wear has become super popular amongst all generations and “streetwear” is back on top of the market. 

Here are some 5  tips to get you  through this cold yet festive season in an outfit that will turn heads! 

Pushy Puffers
The Down Jacket, known more commonly in the fashion industry as the “puffer jacket” or simply “puffer,” is a quilted coat which is insulated with either duck or geese feathers. This is a perfect wardrobe staple for winter because it’s trendy AND will keep you warm at the same time! You can choose solid colors such as black or white and can also experiment and go for neon’s such as yellows or greens! 

A Vision In white
Dressing up in white from head to toe is a key trend this winter! From your jackets to your jeans shirts and even boots/ sneakers,  white is something that will never go out of fashion.

Over sized coats
Over sized coats are a versatile way to navigate the winter season in style. It’s not only super comfy but you can literally wear anything underneath and pull off a stylish look just with the coat and some chunky sneakers or even boots.

Lounge wear for days
Loungewear is a casual attire that makes you feel highly comfortable while keeping an appropriate look which means you can even go out dressed like that to run your errands. From your neighbor to your favorite celebrity almost everyone has approved of this trend.

These boots were made for walking!
This current boots trend Is only going to get Bigger In 2022. The last few years, fashion has been fixated on the idea of comfort and looking bigger and bolder! . It has taken inspiration from a ’70s-style platform boot but is also contemporary and modern. We all know someone who has a pair of these babies.