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6 shows to watch during Corona outbreak!

BY Asif

Since everything is on a lock down and public places are not recommended, here are some Netflix shows that you can binge watch during your 3 week break from work, school or any other activities.

The latest edition to Netflix is by far the best version we have watched till date. If you have been a fan of Count Dracula in the past then do not miss out. It may seem a little dry in the first two episodes but the third episode is where all the fun starts.

The show we have all anxiously been waiting for! Season three of the most watched series all over the world is on Netflix and we are super psyched. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons then hurry up, get a bag of pop corn, get in bed and get ready for some crazy high school drama from Spain’s most elite families.

Friends might be an old show, but we crack up every time  we watch it. During these depressing  times we can count on Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler , Joey and Phoebe to make us laugh. 

This reality dating show has caught everyone’s eye especially ours! This show is all about singles trying to find a match and fall in love -without ever seeing each other face-to-face, as emotional connection attempts to conquer physical attraction. Do you agree? Watch to find out how many couples fall in love and get married without knowing how the other person looks like. As the old saying says, beauty is only skin deep!

A powerful thriller that we didn’t expect would bring us to question our lives and ourselves as well. A painfully realistic and eye opening show. It only has one season right now, but we have our eyes open for the second season.

What would YOU do for love? You is a psychological thriller that will have you on a roller coaster ride in every episode. You just wouldn’t know what to expect. We have always seen Penn Badgley as Dan, the introvert from Gossip Girl who managed to steal Serena’s heart, but we seem to love this crazy side of his too.